Faro Chill Art

Faro Chill Art

We all know that the night life on the island of Tenerife is superb which is why it is the one of the top holiday destinations in the whole of Europe if not the world. One of the best hot spots on the island is Faro Chill Art. This nightclub is simply sensational. It is stylish and hot and boasts state of the art sound systems found nowhere else in the whole of the Canaries.

There's a superb roof terrace cocktail bar which has it's own mini lighthouse and Balanese beds in cabanas. You get a brilliant view of the Atlantic Ocean and coastline from this amazing vantage point as you sip your cocktails under the stars. The best time to get to Faro Chill Art is just as the sun goes down on the horizon because you get the best views of the blood red skies as the sun sets. You can sink into the scatter cushions and just witness this amazing sight ready for the party to really begin.

The dance floor is downstairs but there are some great chill out terraces with tables too. Faro Chill Art is the place to be seen where the 'beautiful people' go for a really hot night out. The night club has a resident DJ who knows his stuff when it comes to the hottest music around and this gets going at around 2am in the morning which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the roof terrace. You can then migrate down to the dance floor for a mad night out that you'll always remember. Not going to this club at least once during your holiday means you're missing out on one of the best hot spots the island has to offer you and would be a real travesty you might live to regret.

Faro Chill Art is a unique cocktail & lounge on a par with the best clubs in the world. Located in a spectacular spot, between Puerto Colón and Fañabé beach, its design is in the shape of a boat at berth that is ready to set sail.

The ideal place for holding events in an original setting, elegant and privileged, as it offers the possibility of having dinner on the terraces beneath the stars and continuing the party at the discotheque inside.

Faro Chill Art has an efficient and creative team of professionals as well as some of the best restauranteurs from the island's gastronomic scene.