Azulón Cheap & Chic

Azulón Cheap & Chic Well Hidden but Well Worth Finding

This restaurant has been referred to as a 'hidden gem' by many visitors who have been able to find it because it does happen to be off the beaten track as far as restaurants go in Tenerife. However, once found this restaurant is never forgotten as the food they serve in Azulón is also known to be superb. Adeje has many good restaurants but Azulón goes a step further when it comes to serving their diners the best gourmet food on the island.

Their cuisine is quite exotic, a nice mélange of Mediterranean and Canarian flavours. Dining at Azulón you could be mistaken into thinking you were dining at a restaurant in either Paris or Madrid. The dishes are marvellously prepared with seasonal products always on the menu. The two chefs, Pablo Pastor and Laurent Galimant are both incredibly good chefs. They also offer diners a wonderful selection of wines to accompany their meals and all this nicely presented by their restaurant front man, Karl Breuninger.

The restaurant has the slogan of Cheap & Chic and many diners would agree with this because they feel eating at Azulón is very good value for money, but not all diners have come away from the restaurant agreeing with this. Some people do find it a little expensive to eat there, but no one ever complains about the quality of the meals they order and delight in eating. The service too is beyond doubt very, very good and all this in a nice friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant offers diners a 'tasting menu' which has to be great value for money as it consists of seven courses for around 30 euros per person. However, a glass of wine will cost 3 euros and this is quite a small glass of wine so that makes it a little on the expensive side. The menu is great and there is a lot of choice from poached eggs with foie gras, to an amazing chicken soup as well as chicken and dates on a skewer and their herring and citrus salads are superb being very popular dishes amongst many of the loyal customers who dine there.

Diners have the choice of ordering the 'tasting menu' which the owners/chefs regularly change, or they can select dishes off the a la carte menu which has a great selection of dishes to choose from. Eating out in Tenerife is always a great experience and finding special places to eat at is all part of the fun of discovering this lovely island that has so much to offer visitors. Azulón Cheap & Chic is definitely one of the restaurants in Adeje that has to go to the top of the list of restaurants to eat at. But as it is so popular, even though well hidden away, it is best to make sure you make a reservation well in advance in order to guarantee you get the chance to try out their wonderful exotic cuisine.