Bar el Cine a Lovely Traditional Canarian Seafood Restaurant

El Cine have recently celebrated 25 years of serving up some of the best dishes in Los Cristianos which is great news for anyone wishing to dine at their restaurant. They have been offering gifts to all their customers in order to share their continued success as one of the best and most well known restaurants in Los Cristianos.

For those who are familiar with the area, then this lovely family run restaurant has more than likely been one of their favourite haunts for some time, for the people who do not know Los Cristianos very well and who want to find a traditional seafood restaurant in the area, the chances are whoever they ask will tell them El Cine is the 'best place in town'. On arrival at the restaurant, the chances are you'll be met with a queue of people, and these hopeful diners will be a mixture of locals, ex-pats and visitors, all of whom are usually more than happy to wait up to an hour in order to delight in the gorgeous food they serve in El Cine.

The décor of the restaurant might surprise you as it is not the most trendy or fashionably modern place you'll have the pleasure of dining at in Tenerife. But don't be fooled by this, because the food they serve more than makes up for the understated look of the restaurant and this is actually quite refreshing and so very charming.

The menu at El Cine is not huge but the dishes they serve are superb. The only non seafood one is fried chicken wings which is called 'jamoncitos de pollo', the rest being wonderful seafood dishes like merluza, pulpo which are hake and octopus but there are around ten main courses to choose from all of which are delicious and supremely well cooked, nicely presented and pretty good portions which makes eating here real value for money.

Although the seafood dishes are superb, a few diners have found that the salads are a little lacking in creativity and this is especially true of the tomato and onion salads but then the main courses do more than make up for this. The nice approach to how diners are left in peace after they have finished their meals is really refreshing and there is never any pressure to vacate the tables giving the restaurant a nice relaxed atmosphere.

One of the most popular dishes they serve is 'sardinatas frescas El Cine' which is a simple dish that is delicious and very fresh but then all their seafood platters are great and this includes grilled cuttlefish and freshly grilled mackerel . El Cine is definitely serves very simple cuisine in a nice easy décor that boasts nothing very exceptional, but having said this the food is good and the ambiance of the place one that is friendly and relaxed. One very good part about dining here is that the food is very quickly prepared so there is no unnecessary waiting at the table for the food to appear once it has been ordered. All in all a lovely location, unfussy and nicely prepared seafood in a relaxed atmosphere.