Restaurante El Mirador de Los Abrigos

El Mirador de Los Abrigos A Fabulous Location Serving Superb Seafood

There are so many great restaurants in Tenerife that visitors are very spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out no matter what the occasion. One of the favourite and extremely popular seafood restaurants is El Mirador. Perched up on the cliffs overlooking the pretty fishing port of Los Abrigos, this wonderful traditional Canarian seafood restaurant boasts a superb reputation for serving the freshest seafood in one of the most gorgeous locations on the island overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and coastline.

Anyone who loves fresh seafood will love the El Mirador and are in for a real treat with specialities like their seafood platters, delicious fish soup, fish croquettes, grilled sole, grilled sardines to the wonderful desserts like creme caramel. The location is stunning, the interior is just as stunning with a huge fish tank taking pride of place in the centre of the dining area. Diners are treated to a wonderful atmosphere and friendly service on top of exquisitely presented dishes from a vast and extremely interesting menu. This includes a small selection of vegetarian and meat dishes.

The whole ambiance of this gorgeous restaurant, with the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks below and it's elegant décor, has attracted visitors for many years. There are several eating areas within the restaurant and this includes an amazing open terrace where the full effect of the superb ocean views and ambiance can really be enjoyed. There is also an inside dining area which is the original main restaurant. Inside the restaurant is quite small and very intimate but very well appointed in between the gorgeous lounge area and the kitchen.

A newer extension to the El Mirador is the enclosed balcony which has proved to be a great hit with diners who get to appreciate the fabulous ocean views in a more protected eating area. The vistas from this balcony are simply stunning with the ocean just metres below and the views of the delightful Abrigos fishing port on one side and the wonderful Golf del Sur beach on the other.

The restaurant owners and staff really do go out of their way to make sure all diners have a feast when they eat at El Mirador, and the portions are more than generous. Most diners soon realize that a starter and main course may prove to be just that little bit too much for them. People who have enjoyed a fabulous meal at the restaurant also recommend that arriving early is a must in order to get one of the better tables as they offer the best panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean.

El Mirador is not the most inexpensive seafood restaurant to dine at on the island, but with their reputation for fabulously fresh seafood dishes and such stunning views of the sea and neighbouring islands, it is definitely one restaurant that everyone should dine at whether to celebrate a special occasion or just to have a great experience Canarian style.