Shopping Center C.C Safari

Safari Centre

The Centro Comercial Safari has to be one of the more exclusive and swanky shopping malls in Tenerife. The mall boasts some of the best restaurants as well as boutiques and this includes Bounty, The Levi Store, Armani and Hugo Boss to name but a few of them. If you are seriously searching for a designer label then this is one shopping mall you just have to visit and spend some time indulging yourself in your passion for finding a bargain.

This is one of the most popular shopping malls and it gets nice and busy in the evenings because there is a great selection of trendy bars located in the mall one of which is Harry's Cocktail Bar located on the upper floor.

The shopping mall is ideally located in Playa de las Americas on Avenida Americas 5 and it opens at 10am but stays open till 11pm which is great because you can spend the day at the beach enjoying the sun and beach activities then go to the mall to do some serious shopping, grab a bite to eat and a nice evening drink which rounds off a perfect day very nicely.

For a great afternoon relaxing in a cool place, this mall has a lot to offer and because the taxes are a lot lower on the island of Tenerife, you are bound to find a bargain whether it is designer labels you're looking for or a nice piece of gold jewellery and there is a great selection of jewellery boutiques in the shopping centre. The building itself is very modern and very chic which makes your shopping experience in the mall that much nicer for everyone.

Tenerife has a lot to offer visitors and the Centro Comercial Safari shopping mall is full of treasures, good food and a great atmosphere. If you are a shopaholic who loves to find a bargain, then a visit to the mall will be your idea of paradise and you are bound to find something to take home with you because there are plenty of souvenir shops here too.