Aqua Marina Dive Center

Aqua Marina Dive Center

If you are planning a trip to glorious Tenerife you might like to learn how to scuba dive because the seas around the island are teaming with marine life. Snorkeling in these waters is great fun but diving that little bit deeper means swimming around some amazing underwater sites that will take your breath away.

The dive center Aqua Marina Dive offers you the chance to do this and is regarded as one of the best scuba diving centers on the island. The center is licensed and has the best expert instructors all PADI 5* rated who teach you the ropes on how to dive in a very safe environment before you finally get to go out into the wonderfully crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The center is situated in a prime location right on the beach front at Playa de las Vistas and is wheelchair friendly. Playa de las Vistas is located between Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos and is a really lovely stretch of the coastline in the south of Tenerife.

If you are already an experienced diver the center offers you the chance to dive around some of the most spectacular dive sites found around the island. This includes areas where there is an abundance of marine life as well as incredible rock formations and caves you can swim through. One of the amazing things you will come across when you dive in these waters are the resident sea turtles which is a wonderful experience. The great part about this dive center is they're itineraries are really flexible which means they will work with their customers as long as they are contacted well in advance. The dives they offer are graded according to the experience of the divers but there is something for all levels and this includes novice divers.

Another wonderful thing about diving in these waters is the sea temperature is perfect and the waters are crystal clear, which means anyone diving around the island will have an incredible underwater experience. There is a lot to do and see above the water line, but below the waves there is so much more. Divers really do get to see a wonderful array of sea life and all under the expert eyes of the instructors who accompany divers out to these sites. Safety always comes first with the Aqua Marina Dive Center which is always very reassuring especially if you are a novice diver and no one is allowed to dive on their own no matter how experienced they may be.

This dive center caters for divers of all ages as long as they are fit and healthy. They also cater for people who are disabled which means they too can see the wonderful underwater world that exists in the seas around this glorious island in the sun.