What is the Average Cost of Living in Tenerife?


What is the Average Cost of Living in Tenerife?

Tenerife is a gorgeous island and with a superb all-year climate, it has attracted visitors and people who want to make this their permanent home for decades. The island has a lot to offer and a way of life that's a vast improvement on some of the more northern countries of Europe.

With this said the cost of living in Tenerife is quite cheap. There are certain things like fruit and vegetables that are relatively cheaper than say in the UK, and one thing for sure, is the quality of this produce is a lot better in Tenerife. Wines and some beers as well as alcohols are lot less expensive too. However, electricity and power as well as fuel are expensive along with a few other things that people moving to the island should know about.

What is the average grocery bill one would expect to pay per week in Tenerife?

An average grocery bill on the island is going to average out at €120 per week, but if you enjoy going along to the wonderful local markets to buy your fruit and vegetables, you may be able to cut this down a little.

Do you have to pay for tap water on the island?

Yes, tap water is metered on Tenerife and it is around €50 per month.

How much would an average electricity bill be?

Electricity is expensive on the island and depending on the size of the house you have expect to pay at least € 100 - 200 for an average sized property.

How much is the average cost of a meal in a restaurant?

If you are planning a meal out in a restaurant then you have to count the average cost per person will be at least €12, this includes food and a glass of wine or beer.

How much does it cost to travel on the Tenerife tram transport to get around the island?

The cost for a single tram ticket is €1.30 and a round trip ticket is €2.45. A monthly travel card costs €40.00,  so if you are planning a lot of trips, say to work every day, this is well worth getting.