Buying A Used Car in Tenerife

Buying A Used of New Car in Tenerife

If you're thinking about buying a car in Tenerife, you have two options – you can purchase a second-hand car or a new one. Buying a new car on the island is a relatively simple procedure if you have already got your NIE number and your 'empadronamiento', you'll need both of these to complete the transaction. The salesperson will organise the whole process for you and it's as easy as that. However, if you are thinking about buying a second-hand vehicle, then things are a little more complicated.

What do I need to check before purchasing a second-hand car?

The first thing you need to check out is whether the vehicle has any outstanding debts on it. This includes lapsed road tax, finance loans or parking fines all of which are associated with the car not the owner of it in Tenerife.

Where can I find this information?

You can find this information at the Ministerio de Trafico. This is where you get transfer of ownership too.

Where is the Ministerio de Trafico?

The Ministerio de Trafico is located in Santa Cruz on Calle Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez.

How much does it cost to transfer ownership?

You'll have to pay 4% of the value of the car as a fee for transfer of ownership. It is always wise to employ a professional to sort out this paperwork if it's a private sale.

Is there anything else I need to know about the car?

If a car is more than 4 years old it has to have an ITV, which is similar to an Mot in the UK. It's an Inspecion Technico de Vehiculos. An ITV may be valid for 1 or 2 years but this depends on the condition of the car.

Do I need to display the ITV?

Yes – you have to display the sticker on the windscreen of the car.

How difficult is it to obtain an ITV on a car?

You need to take the car to the ITV centre and then join the queue after informing the office you are there. If the car passes you'll find this information out by going back to the office.

Do cars get rusty in Tenerife?

No – because of the good weather cars don't get that rusty in Tenerife.