English Childrens Nurseries in Tenerife

English Childrens Nurseries in Tenerife

If you are moving to Tenerife with your young family, then knowing if there are good nursery schools on the island is one of the things you need to find out about. Tenerife boasts many very good schools because for such a long time many UK residents have decided to make the island their permanent home, which is hardly surprising when you think about the quality of lifestyle it offers families with young children.

One such nursery school is Poppy Lane which is based right in the heart of one of the most popular areas of the island, Playa de Las Americas. The great part about this particular nursery is they also run after school and holiday clubs that kids really love being apart of and it is a great place for them to meet new friends.

How do I find out more about the nursery?

You can contact the nursery either by telephone, fax or email and their business hours are from 8am to 6pm Mondays through till Fridays. If you want to visit the nursery to see the place, then you will need to make an appointment to do this.

What kind of a nursery is Poppy Lane?

This is a very friendly and homely place for kids to go to and they place a lot of emphasis on the educational side of things. Kids from the age of 6 months to 6 years old can attend the nursery, the after school and the holiday clubs.

The nursery runs a breakfast club which starts at 8am and goes on through till 10am where the kids are treated to lots of fresh fruit, toast, croissants as well as cereals and good old English porridge if they would like it.

What about lunches and snacks?

The nursery provides a hot 2 course home-made lunch for the kids at 12.30. Later on in the afternoon at 14.30 freshly prepared snacks of carrot/cucumber sticks as well as biscuits and fruit salads with yoghurts, cheese, crisps and other nourishing snacks are provided for the children. Then at 16.00 the nursery serves up a lovely tea of sandwiches, crackers, hot-dogs and lots of other really nice treats for the children making meal times really enjoyable.

What about special dietary needs?

Just let the nursery know about any dietary needs your children may have and they will cater for these for you and your children.

Contact information for Poppy Lane Nursery:

Avenida Arquitecto Gomez Cuesta,

Hotel Oro Blanco, Planta Semisotano,

Portal 6 ,

Arona Playa de Las Americas,

Las Americas, Tenerife

Tel 922 798 066 or 697 868 381

Fax:922 798 066