Getting Your Pet to Tenerife


How To Get Your Pet to Tenerife

If you want to take your beloved pet with you to Tenerife there is quite a lot of paperwork involved which means you have to start doing this early. There are a considerable amount of EU regulations to adhere to and this includes having your pet micro-chipped.

What kind of micro-chipped is accepted?

Micro-chips must meet ISO standards.

What vaccinations does my pet need before arriving in Tenerife?

Your pet has to have been vaccinated against rabies and this has to be done 21 days before the travel date. A very important point is that this vaccination has to be done AFTER your pet has been micro-chipped so vets can include the number on the documents.

Does my pet need a passport?

Yes your pet does need a 'Pets' Passport' in order to travel to Tenerife.

Where can I get a Pet's Passport?

You can get a Pet's Passport (Export Health Certificate) from DEFRA. Their email is: helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk

How long do these Pet's Passports last for?

The passport lasts 10 days after date of issue. Once it is processed by DEFRA they will send this directly to your vet.

Does my pet need to be examined by a vet before travelling?

Yes – you'll have to take your pet to the vet a few days before they are due to travel. The vet will examine your pet and ensure that they are fit to travel. Once this has been done the vet will issue all the necessary health certificates.

What type of container do I need for my pet to travel in?

There are very strict regulations on the sizes of pet containers and as such measurements have to be very precise. The height of the crate has to be at least as high as the top of your pet's head when they are standing up. The length of the crate is a little complicated to understand. It has to be the length of your pet and then you have to add on half the length of your pets' legs to this measurement. The width of the crate has to be the width of your pets' shoulder times 2.

What other requirements are there?

The container must have good ventilation, be well marked with your pets details and have a 'handler spacer'. The container must have a sticker indicating the following 'This Side Up'. The floor of the container must have absorbent material – however, straw is not allowed. You have to attach all copies of your pet's passport and health certificate to the container along with your personal details such as your name, address and telephone contact number.