Los Cristianos Nightlife

Los Cristianos Nightlife

As soon as the sun goes down on the island of Tenerife then the party really begins in the popular nightspots in various areas. There are an incredible amount of places to go to during the evenings and at night with many of the bars and nightclubs staying open until the early hours of the morning.

The nightlife in Los Cristianos is known to be superb and like in other areas of the island, this can definitely be divided into two very different types of partying. Nightclubs and bars being one side and the other is of course the clubbing scene with DJ's keeping the atmosphere alive the whole night long.

What about live entertainment in Los Cristianos?

Los Cristianos boasts some great places to go to for live entertainment and this includes in many of the bars and restaurants that have live compares and featured cabaret artistes performing nightly in the places.

What about afternoon entertainment – does it exist in Los Cristianos?

Yes there are lots of places that have poolside entertainment and this includes places like Costamar Poolside Terrace where you'll find bingo and Legends Snooker & Pool Bar. Events like this are really relaxed and feature guest artistes who perform in the afternoons.

Is there any live music in Los Cristianos?

This is one of the great things about nightlife in Los Cristianos because there are lots of bars and clubs that have live music playing every night with places like Charly Bar having live bands playing seven nights a week. Or there's Market Tavern which is on the Paloma Beach strip and is a British bar that also has live entertainment on certain nights of the week. But there are plenty of other venues in the area that offer live music too.

Are there any Karaoke bars in the area?

There are loads of Karaoke bars in Los Cristianos and they are great fun to go to and this includes The Polygon on the Paloma Beach strip.

Do any famous people own any bars and clubs in Los Cristianos?

There are a few places owned by famous people and this includes Dreamers which is owned by the drummer from Freddie and the Dreamer and where you will be treated to a live duo every night.

What is the dress code for a night out in Los Cristianos?

Most of Tenerife is pretty casual when it comes to dress codes for a night out on the town, but there are a few places where you'll need to check out if you have to be a bit smarter than just 'casual'. Of course it goes without saying that guys have to wear trousers, shirts and shoes when they try to get into clubs, bars and nightclubs although some people do attempt to get in but without success.