All You Need to Know About Playa de Las Americas Nightlife

All You Need to Know About Playa de Las Americas Nightlife

Young people who descend on the island of Tenerife for the time of their lives have all heard of Veronicas Strip, Starcos and The Patch. These are all at the heart of the Clubbing and Pub scene of Playa de Las Americas and where lively, noisy and fun bars stay open right through the night and early hours of the morning (usually till 5am!!). These areas are in fact the all fun, dancing, music as well as all night drinking hotspot of Las Americas.

Which are the best nightspots in Las Americas?

This really does depend on what you are looking for and of course your age group. Veronicas Strip is great for the younger crowd and so is Starcos, but then the Patch which is just 400 metres away is really popular with the slightly older crowd.

When do these bars and clubs start to get busy?

Many clubs and bars are popular places to be earlier in the evening and these tend to close before other bars that stay open till the early hours of the morning. Some bars get busy as early as 3pm in the afternoon, but they really start to kick off at around 10pm. However, around Veronicas Strip the bars get busy at around 3pm onwards, some bars here stay open till 3 – 5am and some close earlier.

How expensive are these bars and clubs in Playa de Las Americas?

Depending on how popular the bars and clubs happen to be at the time, the more expensive the drinks will be. Lots of people tend to move from bar to bar and club to club so their drink tabs are lower. Of course. out of season the night scene is a lot quieter and less expensive, but then the atmosphere is just not the same so you won't have the same sort of time as you would in the high season.

Do tour operators organise bar tours?

There are some tour operators that do organise bar tours and this is a great way to get to know which club, bar or nightspot is really hot. The great thing about these tours is they include transport from hotels or apartments to Playa de Las Americas and you sometimes get your first drink for free!