Setting Up Utilities in Tenerife

Setting Up Utilities in Tenerife

Buying a property in Tenerife is a very exciting experience. The island is bathed in sunshine and is a wonderful place to live. Having purchased your dream home, you have to get all your utilities sorted out and connected. Here are a few things you need to know about when you start out doing this.

Can I get help to get my utilities connected?

Yes – you can get help from a 'gestor' if you don't want to do this yourself.

How do I get my electricity connected?

Electricity is supplied by Unelco, the actual company is called Endesa. It can be a long process when you visit any of their offices which are dotted around the island in various towns. It is far easier to do this by phone and not in person. You can use a debit or credit card (Spanish bank ones only). Other requirements are the reference number for the supply, the contract and bills from the previous owner and you'll need your NIE. After the initial sum has been paid, you'll get a bill every 2 months. If you are buying a property, you have to make sure the previous owner has paid all outstanding bills or you'll be responsible for these.

How do I get my gas connected?

There is no mains gas in Tenerife – gas appliances are supplied by gas cylinders that are kept at properties. You can get new gas cylinders from a lorry that goes round areas stopping in specific places. You return an empty cylinder for a full one and you pay the driver. You can also get new gas cylinders from petrol stations.

How do I get my water connected?

The company that supplies water in Tenerife is called Entermanser. It can cost from between 50 to 1,500 Euros to get water supply to your property as it depends on the location. If the property is not a new build, you'll have to transfer the existing account into your own name. You can do this at your local town hall but you'll need you NIE and copies of previous owner's bills. Properties have water metres and bills are issued every 2 months.

How do I get a telephone line connected?

Telefonica is the national telephone company in Tenerife. It can be a rather slow process to get a line put into a property but the company do have English speaking staff. Once you have managed to contact them an engineer will install a phone line pretty quickly – within 2 days and the cost of this is 110 Euros. Line rental after this is about 30 Euros for 2 months. If you're taking over a line from a previous owner, make sure you get the company to do a final reading to avoid being lumbered with the previous owner's phone bills.